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Tour Lists: Gracee

RED 610303 = Toured

Homes in Freeport on Maj'Dul server

Akojo's Freeport Apartment (by Gracee) - Owner: Akojo - 3 Integrity Road - North
Gracee's Grandma's House - Owner: Gracee - Uncanny Estate - South
Gracee's Gallery - Owner: Gracee - Lavastorm Winter Retreat - South

Homes in South Qeynos on Maj'Dul sever

Skarllet's Diner (by Gracee) - Owner: Skarllet - Everfrost Summer Home
Pirates - Tier 2 guild hall

Homes in other locations on Maj'Dul server

Maj Dul by Gracee - Owner: Pyxey - Large Maj Dul Residence - Maj'Dul
Gracee's Frostfell Retreat - Owner: Gracee - New Halas Magical Manor - New Halas

Homes located on other servers

Gracy's Cottage - Owner: Gracy - Mistmore Crags Estate - South Qeynos - Antonia Bayle server

Tour List: Kianneoftroi

RED 610303 = Toured
+ = Homes with no official name or title

Homes in New halas on Skyfire server

LLamedos - Teir 1 guild hall
Fairy tale museum - Owner: Prettyflyz, Glacial villa
+A Gentleman's Club - Owner: Turnups, Manors Of Erollisi

Vampiric Retreat - Owner: Katerinzz, Valour Homestead

Homes in South Qeynos on Skyfire server

Troi Manor - Owner: Kianneoftroi, 18 Lucie Street
+A Jack and the Beanstalk Theme - Owner: Ekaterinka, Ethernere Enclave
Reagle And Calm - Owner: Kianneoftroi, Personal Dojo
LLamedos Guild Village and NotD16 - Owner: Kianneoftroi, Felwithe Mansion (not yet published)

Homes at other locations on Skyfire server

Indianna jones and the temple of Doom - Owner: Nursemaid, 3 Walk Of The Dead, Neriak
Hobbiton By The Sea - Owner: Diannah, 3 Compassion Road, North Freeport
A Guardian's Frostfell Wish 2013 - Owner: Miorganya, Vale Of Halfpint Delight, South Freeport